Woodford Reserve 150th Kentucky Derby Limited Edition Julep Cup Gift Set 750ml

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The Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Julep Gift Set offers a taste of Kentucky tradition and fine bourbon craftsmanship. Originating from the Bluegrass State, Woodford Reserve embodies the essence of Southern charm and bourbon excellence. This Gift set includes one (1) bottle of Woodford Reserve 750 ml. and a beautifully adorned and branded Woodford Reserve julep cup.

Woodford Reserve bourbon, with its rich caramel notes and subtle spice, forms the heart of this classic cocktail. Its palate delights with hints of oak, vanilla, and a whisper of mint. The aroma evokes visions of rolling Kentucky hills, with its blend of sweet corn, dried fruit, and a touch of peppery warmth. Crafted with care from locally sourced grains, pure limestone-filtered water, and aged in oak barrels, Woodford Reserve captures the essence of Kentucky bourbon.

With a generous 45.2% ABV, Woodford Reserve packs a flavorful punch that is perfect for sipping neat or crafting cocktails. The Kentucky Derby Julep Gift Set provides all the essentials for enjoying this iconic drink: a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon, silver-plated mint julep cups, and fresh mint leaves. Whether savored at a Derby party or enjoyed on a warm Southern afternoon, this set promises an authentic taste of Kentucky hospitality and bourbon heritage.

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