Plumpjack Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - 750ML

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Each year, Mother Nature behaves differently and our vines respond to her influences. Grapegrowers and Winemakers must also respond. The vine and grape response and the decisions Grapegrowers and Winemakers make are what define a vintage. The 2017 vintage was marked by extremes that presented unique advantages and challenges.

After several years of drought, we had record rainfall in the winter and early-spring that gave our vines a much needed drink. Once the rains stopped, the weather began to warm up and we experienced early and repeating heat spikes. The first spikes came in June with temperatures in the 100s for several days at a time, which is very unusual in the Napa Valley this time of year. Another severe spike came for about a 10 day stretch around Labor Day in which temperatures reached 115F – again, unusual.

We were proactive, vigilant, and steady when faced with these difficult conditions; waiting for the right moment to harvest. Ultimately, the grapes came in with concentrated flavor, tannin, and color, and the resulting wines have great depth, richness, and the classic silky Oakville structure.

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