Dona Paula Red 1100 2015 - 750ML

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Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are combined to produce this complex and balanced wine that is intensely purple in color. In the nose, aromas of flowers like violets and sweet briar, which come from Malbec, can be perceived. Syrah adds spicy notes, good volume in the mouth and silky tannins. Finally, Cabernet Sauvignon provides great structure to this blend. Dona Paula 1100 comes from 3 blocks in our Los Indios Estate, which is located in Altamira, San Carlos, This terroir is characterized by its sandy soils, which have a thick layer of black caliche at a depth of 70 cm. In this area, days are warm and nights are cool. The average annual rainfall is 300 mm. The soils where these vineyards are planted are very poor as regards nutrients, organic matter is almost nonexistent, and they have high drainage. This vineyard yields 5 metric tons per hectare. At Dona Paula, our vineyards have always been managed using sustainable agriculture practices.

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