Cope Land Jones Irish Navy Strength Gin -750ml

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  • JONES 1778 GIN - Introducing Jones 1778 Navy Strength Gin. In honour of US Navy Captain John Paul Jones's victory in the battle of the Copelands, we have released one of our strongest and rarest spirits. This gin is aged in Kentucky bourbon casks for 120 days and Oloroso sherry casks for 20 days and bottled at 57% ABV.
  • TASTING NOTES - Big, bold and brimming with character. A rich harmony of herbs and spices bursts forth on the palate…subtle aromas open up on dilution, culminating in an engagingly juniper-rich, spicy finish.
  • HOW TO ENJOY - Packed full of flavour, you will enjoy a punch of juniper followed by smooth caramel and spice from the bourbon and sherry casks. Enjoy either neat over ice (it really is that smooth!), or with crisp Indian tonic water garnished with a slice of apple.

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