Mosketto Sweet Red Wine - 750ML

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Mosketto Sweet Red Blend Dessert Wine is refreshingly sweet with an intriguing raspberry and strawberry aromas getting a seductive smooth taste. Mosketto produces this Mosketto Sweet Red Frizzante, a red wine from Piedmont that contains Moscato Bianco grapes. Mosketto is the essence of the most well known Italian grape varieties. The pleasant bubbles come from a natural carbonation process without any addition of artificial flavors.

Mosketto Sweet Red has a brilliant light garnet color. A cherry lozenge's aroma with a lean, bright, effervescent, sweet medium body and a seamless, fast cherry-vanilla taffy and white chocolate finish with no oak flavor. It has bottled at 5.5% alcohol by volume and perfect match during your next BBQ, spicy food, fruit salad, or its own. Enjoy!

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